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Ford Escort mk2

Looking for a Ford Escort Mk1 or Mk2


Many Ford Escort Mk1 and Mk2 being delivered on a monthly basis. let us know your your requirement and we will let you know whats coming. our cars meet the demands of all types of customers. are you looking for a car:

  • To prep as a grp 4 historic rally car.
  • To strip and renovate to a show car condition.
  • To give some TLC for nostalga.
  • To hold as an investment.
  • To pass on to your children.
  • Top renovate to a good clean condition for Sunday polishing.

Our cars come in all types of good clean and genuine condition from needing nothing but a good polish to requiring some car. We do not hid anything on our cars. They are what they are, you decide itf it meets your requiremenst and what you are preparred to pay. the cars come from South Africa wher there is no salt, snow or damp weather, hence their conditions reflect th eenviroment.

Contact Mike.Salmon@hotwheelsmotorsport.com or telephone 07774 255599 01264-731010
Car can be Uk registered with V5, MOT and 6 months road tax.
  • Price: £5000-£15000
  • Year: 1974 -1981
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